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How to personalize your own t-shirt with our stamps?


The textile fashion industry is constantly changing. In recent years, several styles have particularly developed and we can see that fashion settles and imposes itself among younger and younger followers. More than a brand, today’s fashion is about style and how it allows you to show your personality and creativity, something that many express by personalizing their own shirts.

If you are a fan of fashion, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Personalizing your own T-shirt is a trend nowadays that allows you to display your fashion style to the world! It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion business owner or just enjoying your T-shirts, our stamps from BigStamping will do the job.

Thanks to the variety of Stamping-kits we have, your T-shirts will be authentic.

There are many artists who use this technique to customize their T-shirts since years to give a personal touch to there creations.

As an example we can cite, Aaron von Freter, an American senior graphic designer and illustrator. Aaron moved to Europa to develop his profesional career as a designer in the textile Industry. What made Von Freter authentic was using his hand-made stamps to customise T-shirts, jeans label.. After 20 years of experience working with Helly Hansen, Revolution, Bestseller and Jack & Jones, he’s now occupying a senior graphic designer position for Ralph Lauren in the US.

Aaron von Frehr stamping

Aaron von Frehr stamping

As you’re reading this, you might have been wondering what are the advantages of customising your T-shirts with our Stamps ?

Using our Stamping-kit is a blast! One of the main advantage is that you will be able to stamp as much unities as you need, wherever and whenever you want!

Once you have purchased your BigStamping stamping kit, which will only take a few days to arrive at your home, you just have to make sure you have enough ink for everything you are going to want to customize 😉

In addition, from an environmental point of view, Big Stamping also offers advantages! 😉 . Our products are considered #ecofriendly, since, in addition to avoiding the waste of materials by purchasing more bags or boxes than you need, our inks are free of plastisols, products present in many inks that are highly polluting. Go for our eco-friendly, water-based inks that, to top it off, are easily wiped off the stamp with a damp cloth!

Do not hesitate! In addition to saving money, time and energy, our solutions will help you give your t-shirts a personal touch, giving them a magnificent vintage effect.

Do you want to see how easy it is to customize t-shirts? Inside video!

Wonderful, right? Let your stamp speak and show off your brand on all types of surfaces!