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Customize paper bags: An art with many advantages


Customize paper bags

The paper is here to stay

as you know, One of the most common uses of BigStamping stamps is to personalize paper bags. This support has increased its presence in the market in recent years, and it is something that gives us the opportunity to try an issue that is of great concern to our customers, as well as to us, in our aspect of stamp manufacturers. We refer to the climate change, a problem that we suffer from due to the mass consumption model that we as a society have adopted in the last 50 years and that causes enormous levels of environmental pollution.
It is a problem that affects us all, and in which we all have to work, but in recent years, due to their role as manufacturers or suppliers of products, many brands have decided to make changes in this regard.
One of them is betting more and more on paper bags and relegating the use of plastic bags to increasingly insignificant levels. It is a gesture that may seem very simple, but the reality is that using paper bags brings numerous advantages to both the environment and brands.

Reduce the environmental footprint by using paper bags

The use of paper bags helps reduce CO2 emissions. This is possible thanks to the fact that paper absorbs carbon dioxide emissions, something that, contrary to what happens with the manufacture of plastic bags, reduces pollution.
Oil is one of the main materials with which plastic bags are made, and in addition to being an increasingly scarce raw material, it is one of the main causes of climate change.
Although it may seem contradictory to point out that the use of paper benefits the environment, the truth is that the manufacture of paper is encouraging the repopulation of forests, and this, in turn, is reducing environmental pollution.
Custom Kraft Paper Bags with BigStamping Seals

betting on paper

In addition to reducing emissions, using paper bags also favors the recycling and sustainability policies necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change. Unlike plastic bags, which take an average of 150 to 1,000 years to decompose, paper is a biodegradable material that, in addition to being easily recycled hundreds of times, does not cause the same impact as plastic if it reaches forests, seas or rivers.
Its manufacturing cost is much lower than that of the manufacture of plastic bags and of course, they are much less lethal to animals.

Using and customizing paper bags: All are advantages

As you are seeing, and as surely you would already know, Using paper bags is something that brings innumerable advantages. And not only when it comes to avoiding the impact on animals and the environment in general (remember that microplastics are a serious problem that must be dealt with today), but also when it comes to saving costs. Recycling plastic bags, which also contain highly toxic inks, costs 100 times more than producing them again, and for this reason, most end up incinerated, with the consequent emission of gases, or worse, trapping animals.
Having said this, it is clear that paper is the option to follow, but it is using it can benefit us as a brand and not only by transmitting an “ecofriendly” company image, but also by helping us to highlight messages or spread our brand with supports or packaging that, in addition to being cheaper, help to retain customers. We tell you how!
Custom paper bags with BigStamping

The importance of personalizing your paper bags

In addition to being less polluting, paper bags are easier to personalize than plastic bags. To do so, you only need a few simple tools that we offer you a little later and with which, you will achieve that your brand is present in all your paper bags and cardboard boxes (packaging), improving your image as a brand, and obtaining, without a doubt, more positive responses from your customers.
How is that achieved? Easily. By using custom paper bags, you directly get these 5 benefits:

  1. Improve the image of your brand by being sustainable and collaborating with the environment
  2. Catch the attention of potential customers by your design
  3. Make your product more attractive since it seems handmade
  4. Generate more purchase desire to your customers by their appearance
  5. Remind the brand in a positive way.

What are you waiting for? Give up plastic bags and start personalizing your paper bags.
A BigStamping seal personalizing a white paper bag

BigStamping: Large stamps to personalize your paper bags

We hope that the information that we have shared with you has been useful and interesting, but in addition to that, at BigStamping, as we said a little above, we offer you a perfect tool to personalize your paper bags.
We are specialists in making large stamps, accompanied by kits where you can find all the necessary materials to personalize your paper bags in a big way. With our stamps, you can forget about minimum units and get great results at the best price.
If you still have doubts, we encourage you to let us know, but first, we recommend that you take a walk through our section “Tips”, a section of our website in which, in addition to explaining how our products are used, We give you tips and tricks on how to use our stamps on surfaces as varied as wood, walls or fabrics.
Visit those sections, and start giving your brand more visibility in an ecological and economical way.