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Personalized Stamps: 5 original uses for business enhancement


Custom stamps or seals have usually been used to sign/stamp invoices or legal documents. As such, the most important thing about these stamps was that data such as the date, postal address or the DNI/CIF of a business looked good.

There is no doubt that most of the stamps on the market fulfilled that function, but, at BigStamping, as manufacturers of custom stamps and dies for more than 40 years, we thought that you could get much more out of that tool… and we got to it! 😉

The result of this twist was the BigStamping stamps, stamps with the same ease of use as traditional stamps, but with a size and stamping quality that differentiates them from competing products.

Thus, BigStamping stamps have become an excellent marketing tool that allows you to enhance the image of companies and professionals in an easy, simple and economical way. Do you want to know how?

Original uses for our personalized stamps

If you’ve come this far and you’re still wondering how a custom stamp can help your marketing and branding strategy, the answer is simple: By making your brand visible!

BigStamping stamps help you display your brand on a multitude of surfaces and as you know, the more a brand is seen, the more recognizable it is to customers.

You will probably know, especially if you already know us, that our stamps can help you to create personalized merchandising at low cost or to customize your packaging at your own pace, but just in case, and in response to the title of this post, we are going to present you five original uses for your personalized stamp Take note!

Personalized paper bags

When someone thinks of having customized paper bags with the logo of their brand, the usual thing is to resort to printers, but have you ever asked for a quote? If you have done this you will know that the cost per bag can be quite high and that, to bring it down, you have to purchase several hundred (or thousands!) of bags which, of course, you will have to store somewhere.

With #BigStamping everything is simpler. Having your personalized stamp and your ink bottle for paper and cardboard, you can stamp your brand on as many bags as you need and not only avoid having to store hundreds of bags, but you can customize different sizes and even bags of different colors with a single stamp. Easy right? Do you now understand why hundreds of stores and catering businesses use our system to customize the bags in which they deliver their products? 😉

Customized bags with BigStampingCustomized dies for stamping paper bags


Customized cardboard boxes

Just like paper bags, cardboard boxes can also be customized with BigStamping and you can forget about minimum runs or stocking hundreds of boxes.

With our system you will have your personalized packaging at your own pace and at the best price because, for example, with one of our own ink bottles for paper and cardboard and an M stamp (the one you will find in our Super Stamping Kit) you can get up to 3000 prints. Amazing, huh?

Stamped box with personalized stamping

Personalized T-shirts

In addition to paper and cardboard ink, you can also apply fabric ink on our custom dies.

The ink we sell on the web can withstand up to 100 washes following a few simple instructions and to fix your design on your t-shirt, polo or sweatshirt, you just have to let the ink dry naturally.

Thus, you will be able to show off your logo or design on any garment you have on hand and, in the event that with use and washing the print is erased, you will be able to reprint it again!

Personalized T-shirts with BigStamping


Personalized Cloth Bags

Do you want to go green and offer your customers customized reusable cloth bags? With BigStamping you can too! As with T-shirts, you can print your logo on tote bags to show off your brand on tote bags.

The Speedball ink will stick easily to all types of textile surfaces except nylon and neoprene, allowing your customers to carry your brand wherever they go and even if they stain their bag and want to wash it, they can still use it and keep the print!

In addition, if you want to opt for other types of bags such as TNT (non-woven fabric), you can also choose to use your personalized stamp and the ink for paper and cardboard, although if they go through the washing machine, the print will be lost.

Personalized Totebags with BigStamping

Yoga mats, yoga bricks, key rings or caps with your logo thanks to your custom stamping

In addition to inks for fabrics, paper and cardboard, in www.bigstamping.com we also sell a fast-drying multi-surface ink that you can use to stamp your brand on glass, metal, leather or plastic. It is an ink that we recommend to be used in conjunction with our Mini StampsThe ink can also be used to customize mats, bricks or yoga rollers, wooden key rings, caps, hats, burlap sacks or other surfaces.

The use of your custom stamp has no limits and as proof of this, in our Facebook and Instagram profiles, we post hundreds of real examples that, so that there is no doubt, come directly from our customers.

Convinced? Don’t hesitate, come into our store and try our system, you won’t regret it and you will discover that showing off your brand on all kinds of surfaces is easier and cheaper than you thought!

Go for it! Bet on BigStamping personalized stamps and become a real Stamper! 😉

Personalized wooden skateboard with BigStamping