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At Bigstamping we feel identified and directly related to everything that has to do with creativity, art and culture in general.

We are music lovers and in fact, some of our team members play in rock and indie bands. And now you may be wondering… what do our large-format stamps and our Kits to personalize with music have to do with anything? The answer, giving its place to the proverb, we leave it to you in this photo… and you already know… a picture is worth a thousand words!👇👇👇

Personalized musical material with BigStamping stamps

Bigstamping and our customization kits will allow you to eliminate the problem of minimum print runs and delivery times. You can customize and create your own merchandising whenever and wherever you want, everything depends on your imagination.

Here we leave you a small sample of what you can stamp with our large format stamps:

T-shirts, bags, vinyl covers, drums, instrument covers, etc… Give free rein to your imagination and creativity with Bigstamping and our kits to customize!

ONE PAC & FELLOWS bet on our products

Continuing with this topic, and just in case it was not evident from the photos, in this post we take the opportunity to tell you that a few weeks ago he contacted us Jose María Gómez, drummer and leader of the Senegalese Hispanic band ONE PAC & FELLOWS, who with his first job “African Groove” (mixture of soul, jazz and funk) are “hitting it” on the national and international music scene.

Looking for an easy and economical way to manufacture their own merchandising and extend their brand, they have relied on our large personalized stamps. With just a Mega Kitand an M stamp, they personalized and “stamped” their logo on everything you can see in the photos in this post… and even the wall and door of their studio!

Without a doubt, and seeing that other musicians, like the guys from The Jam Session, have also opted for our kits to personalize their merchandising, these will not be the last photos of merchandising and musical objects that you will see published here (you know that in our Instagram you have more photos!).

Without further ado, we say goodbye emphasizing that Bigstamping offers you the tools, now, the imagination and creativity you will have to put in, that you will surely have plenty of! 😉

And remember: “If there is no music, life loses meaning.”