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Inks for porous surfaces (FOR MINI-STAMPS)


MiniStamp pads!

Revolutionary water-based ink formulated for porous surfaces This pad already contains the ink inside. Just remove the cap, dip your Ministamp in its pad and stamp! Make sure the stamp is free of oil or residue before using these inks.

Ideal for projects in paper, cardboard, wood, as well as mixed media. Clean the stamps immediately after use with soap and water, dry thoroughly and store the stamp in a cool dry place protected from natural light.

Relatively fast drying, between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the porosity of the material.

Maximum pad surface: 77 x 47 mm (3,03 x 1,85 in), the pad can be used with slightly larger stamps because the pad is embossed, so it can be impregnated with larger stamps, although it is not recommended for functionality to leave the MINISTAMPS.

It hallucinates, with the results of the metallic colors gold and silver.

APPLICATION:Any porous surface, smooth paper, vegetable paper, printed paper, Kraft paper, cardboard, wood, cotton, etc.

He can’t stand the washings.


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