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BigStamping is the dream come true of 4 stampers. It was born within an already consolidated company, since 1975, the year in which two brave men set up a small stamp and engraving workshop, initially using the linocut technique, one of the first techniques in graphic reproduction to produce stamps in a totally handmade way, until advancing to flexography, an industrialised graphic pre-printing technique, becoming today an important company in the graphic arts sector.

The BigStampings are the second generation of these pioneers, we have grown up among stamps, inks and rollers and we have soaked up countless graphic reproduction techniques.

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In BigStamping we offer large stamps, very easy to use, so you can make a multitude of creations, materialize your business ideas, decorate your life, immortalize achievements and special moments … in short, everything you can imagine, but remember ‘Made to Think Big’.

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