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To be a new Stamper,
you just need to send your design

Accepted formats for Vectorial Designs:

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Accepted formats for images:

Tips for sending files

The best format to send a picture is a Tiff but if it’s too heavy, try JPG.
However, always make sure it’s in the final size, ink and resolution of 300Dpi.


  1. Avoid writing very long file names or with special characters.
  2. Whenever possible, use vector files. This type of file allows you to enlarge and reduce without loss of quality.
  3. If you have your logo or design in Word, Excel or Publisher (small programs appropriate for the design) send them in PDF so that the website accepts them.
  4. To help you with file uploads, we have also added information useful in products where it is necessary (kits and seals).
  5. Read all the information carefully!

If we have questions with your design, we will contact you or send you a previous sketch.