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We raffled off 2 BigStamping kits! Participate and get yours [COMPLETED]


Competition - We draw two Bigstamping kits to choose from

Very recently, we have reached 10,000 followers on Instagram, and to celebrate, we have decided to give away two of our kits.

Whatever size you are interested in, you can get your BigStamping kit in a very easy and simple way. And we are not going to limit ourselves only to Instagram! If you are a Facebook user, you can also participate.

How can i participate?

At BigStamping we work mainly on Facebook and Instagram, and for this reason, we will give away a kit for each social network. Below, we indicate the steps you must take depending on the network you choose, and if you decide to participate for both, YOU WILL HAVE DOUBLE POSSIBILITIES!

Participate on Facebook

We have made a publication on Facebook announcing this contest. You can access it by clicking on this link.

Once there, the steps are very simple.

1º Follow BigStamping on this social network if you still don’t

2º Comment under the publication so you would use your BigStamping kit

3º Share the publication publicly on your Facebook wall

Participate in Instagram

Just like on Facebook, at IG we have also made a post. You can see it directly if you click here.

Once you have located it, you just have to follow these steps:

1º Follow BigStamping on this social network if you still don’t

2º Comment under the publication so you would use your BigStamping kit

3º Create a story with the design that you would like to turn into a stamp and mention BigStamping in it


And that’s all easy right? Well you know … PLAY! XD



This contest starts as soon as we publish the corresponding posts on social networks (June 23rd) and you can participate in it until July 7th at 23:59.

All residents in Spain, France and Germany who comply with the contest instructions may participate.

The winners will be announced once the contest running date ends and after all the entries have been reviewed.

The winners will be able to choose a kit consisting of a BigStamping stamp of a size to choose (from the smallest to the largest), 5 acetates, a roller, palettes and an ink bottle to choose from the colors available in BigStamping for both paper and cardboard, as for textile.

The winners will be chosen randomly among all the participants. One of the winners / winners will come from the Facebook entries and another from the Instagram entries.

At no time may the prize be exchanged for its cash amount.

We will only ship to France, Germany and Spain, taking care of all expenses, both material and shipping.

BigStamping reserves the right to change the contest rules at any time and to disqualify any participant suspected of cheating (abuse of profiles, false profiles, etc.).

If you have any questions, you can contact us privately on social networks, writing to or using the contact form on this website.