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Water-based flexographic ink. It comes in cans that contain 125 ml of this ink whose appearance can attract attention because it is very different from other inks. of the market.

Manufactured by BigStamping, they are perfect for stamping paper, cardboard and absorbent surfaces in general. You can make thousands of impressions with a single can of ink.

Recommendations for use

Prints on paper or cardboard with these inks dry to the touch between 30 minutes and 24 hours, depending on how porous and absorbent the material on which it is printed is and the environmental conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.).

They are inks designed to be used in BigStamping rubber stamps and are applied directly with the roller on the stamp for subsequent stamping. Inks of different colors can be mixed to obtain a variety of tones.

They are not suitable for fabrics.

You have more tips and recommendations for use in the “Tips” section of our website.

Other features

Finish: Soft to the touch. Matte and very covering

Weight: 300 grams.

Recommended for: all types of stamps.

Materials: Paper, cardboard, wood and absorbent surfaces. Not suitable for fabrics.

Clean stamps with soap and water immediately after use. Dry them well and store them in a dry, cool place protected from natural light.

This ink is environmentally friendly and does not contain plastisols.

How do I place my order?

To order this product, you just have to choose the color you are interested in, the number of units you want and then click the add to cart button. BigStamping kits include a choice of ink, among which are these ink bottles for paper and cardboard. If you need other units or colors apart from the one you choose in the kit (remember that you can also choose textile ink), it is from here that you can order the units and colors you want. 😉

· Accepted payment methods: Debit/credit cards and Paypal.

Delivery times and shipping costs

We ship to all countries of the European Economic Community. We also ship to the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Chile, United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Delivery deadlines

From the time you place your order, and if there are no problems with the design, it will take approximately 7-15 working days to deliver your order.

*NOTE: we are not responsible for possible delays caused by transport companies or control entities.

Shipping costs

The cost of shipping is calculated by the website automatically depending on the country and the items added to the cart.

You can get free shipping from €100 depending on the delivery destination. For more detailed information on shipping costs and amounts required to obtain free deliveries, visit the FAQ and consult the conditions for your home.

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