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Big Stamp L


Rubber stamp, size 21×15 cm (8,26 x 5,90 in) with wooden frame.

These stamps are made of soft and resistant resin, which allows them to adapt to any absorbent surface.

Ideal for making unique and unrepeatable creations, just choose the right ink (textile or flexographic) and stamp in the chosen place.

It is easy to use a stamp, its dimensions make it perfect for comfortably stamping your brand packaging, such as bags and cardboard boxes. With it you can stamp and personalize T-shirts, glass, cushions, curtains and unvarnished wooden furniture.

*NOTE: The measures 21 x 15 cm (8,26 x 5,90 in) are those of the wood. Within this size of wood you can make the design at the size you want. If you do not know or can, we will adapt your design to the size you want once you have made the purchase.

*NOTE: If the design of the stamp is less than 7 cm (2,75 in) high, we will send it to you with the Long Big Stamp L model, which will make it easier for you to stamp.



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