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Oversized stamps? Why?

Normally when we think about stamps, cuños or timbres (as they are called in certain regions of Spain and foreign countries) the first thing that comes to mind are those primitive administrations stamps that were used to record dates or those that are used to “stamp” invoices and official documents.

These stamps have their specific utility, but despite the fact that the most creative ones had sought alternative uses, their high prices put a brake on the application of certain ideas.

Now, thanks to the cheaper prices of these materials, it is not only possible to acquire various stamps to give them different uses, but it also opens up the possibility of working with large stamps that give us a wide range of opportunities.

Making custom oversized stamps is BigStamping’s specialty, then you have our top four selling sizes. Get yours now!

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What can I use these large stamps for?

If you have taken a walk on our website, it is very likely that you have already visited our gallery of examples in which we show you different uses and applications for BigStamping large stamps.

Even if you have already visited it, we warn you that you can find many more examples on our Instagram channel and on our blog.

Meanwhile in the social network of the photos you will find images of the work we have done for clients or that they send us boasting their personalized large stampsin the blog, we talk in detail about other applications and ideas that can serve as inspiration to give a special touch to those promotional actions that you want to carry out.

Of course, and so that you do not leave here empty-handed (we really hope that you get one of our stamps or our kits 😉), we indicate that some of The most common uses of BigStamping large stamps are the creation of personalized t-shirts, marking wooden or cardboard boxes with logos and brand information, “stamping” paper or raffia bags, thus enabling customers to expand your brand or, as we have seen in companies in the textile sector, use our stamps to interior labels or different promotional material

You put the limit! We only give you some ideas and we are at your disposal to solve all those doubts that arise about the use and application of our large stamps.

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