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We raffled off 2 BigStamping kits! Participate and get yours [COMPLETED]

Competition - We draw two Bigstamping kits to choose from

Very recently, we have reached 10,000 followers on Instagram, and to celebrate, we have decided to give away two of our kits.

Whatever size you are interested in, you can get your BigStamping kit in a very easy and simple way. And we are not going to limit ourselves only to Instagram! If you are a Facebook user, you can also participate.

How can i participate?

At BigStamping we work mainly on Facebook and Instagram, and for this reason, we will give away a kit for each social network. Below, we indicate the steps you must take depending on the network you choose, and if you decide to participate for both, YOU WILL HAVE DOUBLE POSSIBILITIES!

Participate on Facebook

We have made a publication on Facebook announcing this contest. You can access it by clicking on this link.

Once there, the steps are very simple.

1º Follow BigStamping on this social network if you still don’t

2º Comment under the publication so you would use your BigStamping kit

3º Share the publication publicly on your Facebook wall

Participate in Instagram

Just like on Facebook, at IG we have also made a post. You can see it directly if you click here.

Once you have located it, you just have to follow these steps:

1º Follow BigStamping on this social network if you still don’t

2º Comment under the publication so you would use your BigStamping kit

3º Create a story with the design that you would like to turn into a stamp and mention BigStamping in it


And that’s all easy right? Well you know … PLAY! XD



This contest starts as soon as we publish the corresponding posts on social networks (June 23rd) and you can participate in it until July 7th at 23:59.

All residents in Spain, France and Germany who comply with the contest instructions may participate.

The winners will be announced once the contest running date ends and after all the entries have been reviewed.

The winners will be able to choose a kit consisting of a BigStamping stamp of a size to choose (from the smallest to the largest), 5 acetates, a roller, palettes and an ink bottle to choose from the colors available in BigStamping for both paper and cardboard, as for textile.

The winners will be chosen randomly among all the participants. One of the winners / winners will come from the Facebook entries and another from the Instagram entries.

At no time may the prize be exchanged for its cash amount.

We will only ship to France, Germany and Spain, taking care of all expenses, both material and shipping.

BigStamping reserves the right to change the contest rules at any time and to disqualify any participant suspected of cheating (abuse of profiles, false profiles, etc.).

If you have any questions, you can contact us privately on social networks, writing to or using the contact form on this website.

Personalizing communion decorations with our large format stamps

Personalized Communion Gifts with BigStamping Large Format Stamps

With spring in full swing (for better or worse) and Holy Week just over, many families are finalizing the details of their sons’ and daughters’ first communion.

With this post, we want to show several ideas and possibilities that our large format stamps offer when it comes to personalizing gifts and communion decorations.

Thanks to our personalized large format stamps, you will not have to depend on any external company, and you will be able to give free rein to your imagination to decorate and personalize everything you can think of.

To start using them, just go to our online store and buy your Bigstamping kit. In just 4 or 5 days you will have your large format stamp on your doorstep, ready to personalize any train.

If you already know us, you will know that using our printing kits and our large format stamps is very easy and fun, and that, besides being a versatile and economical solution, they are ideal for using and personalizing all kinds of objects and materials with your family!

In case you have any doubts, we recommend that you visit our advice section. There you will be able to see how to useBigStamping on fabric, cardboard, paper and other surfaces, giving you an idea of all that can be achieved with them.

Just below, and pulling the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we leave you with some examples of accessories, gifts and communion decorations that you can personalize with our stamping kits.

Personalized communion gift box with BigStamping seal

BigStamping: A tool for professionals

We also take this opportunity to remind you that, in addition to private individuals, BigStampinglarge format stamps are ideal for professionals, whether they are event organizers (such as Wedding Planners), photographers, caterers, etc.

We firmly believe that Bigstamping is a great tool to achieve creative goals at the lowest cost and obtaining the best results, helping you to differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to a current product that offers a handcrafted or vintage touch to both your brand and the events you organize.

With BigStamping, you will always obtain a unique and inimitable result because,unlike “traditional and massive printing”, when you stamp with our large format stamps, the result will depend on the pressure and amount of ink you put on the stamp, achieving print runs in which no “print” is the same as the other, just like you!

That said, don’t hesitate, try our stamps and personalise communion decorations, wedding gifts, advertising merchandising or anything else you can think of.

Do you know what’s the perfect complement for your band?

Kits to customize “Bigstamping”

Atril Personalizado BigStamping

At Bigstamping we feel identified and directly related to everything that has to do with creativity, art and culture in general.

We are music lovers and in fact, some of the members of our team play in rock and indie bands. And now you will ask yourself … what do our large format stamps and our Kits to personalize with music have to do? The answer, giving its place to the saying, we leave it in this photo … and is that you know … an image is worth a thousand words!👇👇👇

Material musical personalizado con sellos BigStamping

Bigstamping and our kits to personalize will allow you to end the problem of minimum print runs and delivery times. You can customize and create your own merchandising whenever and wherever you want, it all depends on your imagination.

Here we leave you a small sample of what you can stamp with our large format stamps:

T-shirts, bags, vinyl cases, drum drums, instrument cases etc … Unleash your imagination and creativity with Bigstamping and our kits to customize!

ONE PAC & FELLOWS bet on our products

Continuing with this topic, and just in case it was not evident from the photos, in this post we took the opportunity to tell you that a few weeks ago Jose María Gómez, drummer and leader of the Senegalese Hispanic band ONE PAC & FELLOWS , which with his first job “African Groove” (mix of soul, jazz and funk) are “petting” it in the national and international music scene.

Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to manufacture your own merchandising and extend your brand, you have relied on our large custom stamps. With just a Mega Kit and < a href = “”> an M stamp , they customized and “stamped” their logo on everything you can see in the photos in this post … and even the wall and door of your studio!

Without a doubt, and seeing that other musicians, such as the guys from The Jam Session, have also opted for our kits to customize their merchandising, these will not be the last merchandising photos and musical objects that you will see published over here (you already know that in our Instagram you have more photos!).

Without further ado, we say goodbye emphasizing that Bigstamping offers you the tools, and you will have to put your imagination and creativity, which is sure to be plenty! 😉

And remember: “ If there is no music, life loses meaning “.