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Big Stamp L


The Big Stamp L is our best-selling stamp and the one you will find inside the Super Stamping Kit. It is a rubber stamp with a handmade wooden frame and a size of 21×15 cm (8.2×5.9x in).

Like all BigStamping stamps, this one is also made of high quality soft and resistant resin which makes it easy to stamp/print on any absorbent surface.

Both the Big Stamp L and the rest of our stamps (which you can buy individually or in kits) are ideal for making unique and unrepeatable creations. Just choose the right ink (textile or flexo) and stamp on the chosen place and surface.

Due to their dimensions, versatility and easy handling, our stamps are perfect for conveniently sealing your brand packaging, bags and cardboard boxes. With all our stamps you can stamp and personalise T-shirts, cushions, curtains and unvarnished wooden furniture.

Additional information about the Big Stamp L

The BigStamp size ‘L’ has the following dimensions: 21×15 cm (8,2×5,9x in).

The dimensions mentioned correspond to the size of the wood. This wood can be used both vertically and horizontally, depending on your design.

Within the dimensions of the wood you can make the design in any size you want. We will mount your design in the centre of the wood. If you want your design to have specific measurements inside the wood, please indicate this in the “NOTES” section at the end of your order.

*NOTE: In case the stamp design is less than 7cm (2.7 in.) high, we will send it with the Long Big Stamp L holder model, which will make stamping easier.

The Long Bing Stamp L is an elongated wood measuring 21 x 7cm(8,2 x 2,7 in) and is intended for elongated designs. You don’t have to do anything. When we receive a design suitable for this format, we will automatically take care of it.

Why choose BigStamping stamps?

At BigStamping we manufacture the largest stamps in the world and thanks to our experience, we offer you a product capable of giving you SPECTACULAR performance and results.

Each of our stamps includes a special cushioning system that makes your stamping adapt correctly to all surfaces, allowing the ink transfer to be more homogeneous and not having to exert too much force / pressure when stamping.

This, together with the quality of our inks, means that our stamps can offer you those results that you have already seen in the videos and photographs that we share on social networks and which, in 99% of cases, come from satisfied customers. Do not hesitate! Get a BigStamping stamp or a BigStamping kit and reinforce your brand image with results like you’ve never seen before.

How do I order?

Once you choose your BigStamping stamp and enter its corresponding page, after the description and details, you will find an area / button to add the file containing your design. Add it there!

If you have it in vector format we will work better with it, but if not, send it to us in the best quality image format you have.

If we have any problem or doubt with your design, don’t worry, we will contact you! At the end of your purchase there is a “NOTES” section where you can leave any indication or comment about your order: design, final size of the design, if you want to see a previous sketch, etc…

– Accepted payment methods: Debit/credit cards and Paypal.

Supported file types

Supported file types for making your large stamps are: svg, tiff, eps, ai, jpg, psd, pdf, jpeg, png, cdr, tif, etc.

Maximum file size: 10 MB

The ideal is to send the designs in vector formats, in their native format, i.e. in the programme in which they have been designed: AI, CDR, PDF, Etc.

In case you do not have them in these formats, you can send the image file in the highest possible quality.

The image or design must not contain more than one colour. Neither shades nor gradients. It must be monochrome 100% black or white ink.

If we have any problems or doubts with your design, don’t worry, we will contact you.

Delivery times and shipping costs

We ship to all countries of the European Economic Community. We also ship to the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Chile, United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Delivery deadlines

From the time you place your order, and if there are no problems with the design, it will take approximately 7-15 working days to deliver your order.

*NOTE: we are not responsible for any delays caused by transport companies or control entities.

Cost of shipments

The cost of shipping is calculated automatically by the website according to the country and the items added to the cart.

You can get free shipping from €190 depending on the delivery destination. For more detailed information on shipping costs and amounts required for free delivery, please visit the FAQ section and check the conditions for your address.



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