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01 – Area of application

The purpose of this document is to establish and regulate the rules of use of the Site https:/ /www.bigstamping.com/ (hereinafter the ‘Site’), understanding by Site all the pages and their contents owned by BigStamping SL ( hereinafter BIGSTAMPING), which is accessed through the domain https:/ /www.bigstamping.com/ and its subdomains.

The use of the Site attributes the condition of user of the same and implies the acceptance of all the conditions included in the present Legal Notice of Terms and conditions of contracting / purchase. The user undertakes to carefully read this Legal Notice of Terms and conditions of contracting / purchase on each of the occasions in which he intends to use the Site, since it and its conditions of use included in this Legal Notice of Terms and Contract / purchase conditions may be modified.

It will be understood that the follow-up of all the steps planned to acquire a product through our online store, as well as its request, implies the full and unreserved adherence of the user to each and every one of the general conditions published on the website.

These Conditions will be applicable from the beginning of the online purchase procedure of the product until the receipt of the shipment, as well as from the end of the withdrawal periods and legally established guarantees, as appropriate.

02 – Ownership of the Website

The owner of this Site is BigStamping SL with CIF B10607307 and address at Polígono Industrial Pagusa, C/ Labrador, 13 – 41007 Sevilla

Registered in RM of SEVILLA T 7252, F 106, S 8, H SE135407, I/A 1

Phone: 689 888 866

Email: info@bigstamping.com

03 – Conditions of use of the Site for users

Access to this Site is free except for the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider contracted by the users. BIGSTAMPING currently has no effective knowledge that the activity or information to which they refer or recommend is illegal or that it damages property or rights of a third party subject to compensation.

If BIGSTAMPING becomes aware that any of the links is illegal, it will act diligently to remove or disable the corresponding link. In this sense, no competent body has declared the illegality of the data, ordered its withdrawal or made its access impossible.

It is expressly prohibited to use the Site for purposes that harm the property or interests of BIGSTAMPING or third parties or that in any other way overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and other computer equipment (hardware) or products and computer applications (software) of BIGSTAMPING or third parties. In the event that the user is aware that the Linked Sites refer to pages whose contents or services are illegal, harmful, demeaning, violent or contrary to morality, we would appreciate it if you contact BIGSTAMPING.

04 – User registration on the Website

To access our products and/or services, it is not necessary for the user to register on the Website.

The data provided in the purchase form by each user will be incorporated into the BIGSTAMPIN databases.

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the execution of a contract between the parties, in which the User requests a series of products, services and/or utilities from BIGSTAMPING.

In relation to the sending of communications and promotions electronically and the response to requests for information, the legitimacy of the treatment is the consent of the affected party.

The purposes of the treatment will be the following:

  • Manage the purchase of products and/or services made available to you through the Site
  • Keep you informed of the processing and status of your purchases
  • Respond to your request for information

Thus, we inform you that you will be able to receive communications via email and/or on your phone, in order to inform you of possible incidents, errors, problems and/or status of your orders.

In any case, in each commercial communication, you will be given the possibility of unsubscribing from receiving them through a link and/or email address.

Your personal data may be provided to third parties, in order to carry out certain procedures and/or services requested by the user:


Third parties to whom the data is communicated or provided

In the event of placing an order through the website

– Delivery companies

– Payment platform

– Possible intermediaries

– Website maintenance company

For the sending of commercial communications, the express consent of the user will be requested at the time of registration. In this regard, the user may revoke the consent given, by contacting BIGSTAMPING using the means indicated above. In any case, in each commercial communication, you will be given the possibility of unsubscribing from receiving them through a link and/or email address.

05 – Sale of goods, shipping and liability

Through the portal   https:/ /www.bigstamping.com/ , consumers or users can purchase products. These are categorized, selecting the product, the information available about it appears on the screen, its characteristics, utilities and price; and one or more descriptive photographs. Before making the contract, the user must check it and assess whether it suits their needs. Technical assistance, after-sales services and other commercial guarantees that could assist the client, if any, may also appear.

Before making the contract, the user must check it and assess whether it suits their needs. In addition, the user must be over 14 years of age, provide the necessary data and accept these Conditions.

The fact that the user completes the order form does not imply automatic acceptance of the order by BIGSTAMPING, but it will be understood that he accepts it when an automatic email is sent acknowledging the request.

06 – Purchase procedure

The customer must follow the instructions on the screen and add products to the shopping cart, without any commitment to purchase. You can view the basket or empty it by deleting the products.

If you wish to continue with the purchase, you must accept the purchase in the order button, accepting the conditions, the legal notice and those particular conditions that the purchase of the product(s) entail.

Subsequently, if they have not previously been provided, the client will be asked for their personal information with fields with an asterisk, which are mandatory to make a correct shipment. No prior customer registration is required.

The client can check if the data is correct and, if necessary, correct the wrong ones through the “edit” button.

To complete the purchase process, you must click on the “buy now” button (or a similar expression), which implies the purchase with payment obligation.

When a sale of one of the products is formalized, the system will show a screen with the summary of the order, the customer’s data and the approximate delivery time. Once the payment is received and verified in the system, it will automatically send an email confirming the order to the customer. 

Except for errors or doubts in the order, the supplied designs or the delivery data, BigStamping will not contact customers until the order leaves the factory. At that time, the client will receive an email with information about the expedition.

If payment is made by credit card, the charge on the card will be made through the bank POS. All commercial transactions are carried out in a secure server environment under the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which guarantees the security and privacy of your data.

In no case will BIGSTAMPING be liable for any other type of damage, whether effective, indirect, or of any other type, nor for the loss of profit that the buyer may have suffered due to problems derived from the sale and shipment of the product.

BIGSTAMPING will not be responsible for delays, or for inaccurate or erroneous publication when they are the result of events or circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to, government action, fire, flood, insurrection, earthquake, technical failure , hacking, riot, explosion, embargo, legal or illegal strike, shortage of personnel or material, interruption of transport of any kind, delay in work, or any other circumstance beyond its control.

For any additional information about your order or billing, you can contact Customer Service through the email account info@bigstamping.com .

07 – Delivery term

The delivery time will be from 7 to 10 working days depending on the country to which the shipments are made . The deadlines for each country are specified in the FAQ section of the website. 

BigStamping is not responsible for delivery delays caused by delivery companies, absences or errors in the delivery data.

Except for specific exceptions, we will not be responsible for customs duties, customs or declaration of taxes other than those set out on the web. Currently, the following exceptions exist:

United Estates of America (USA) – BigStamping is responsible for customs and duty charges.

Canada – BigStamping is responsible for customs and duty charges.

Australia – BigStamping is responsible for customs and duty charges.

United Kingdom – BigStamping is responsible for customs and duty charges.

Switzerland – BigStamping takes care of customs charges and duties.

Japan – BigStamping takes care of customs charges and duties.

08 – Price, method of payment and supporting documentation

The price of the products is defined in Euros, and will be established in the corresponding pages of the Site for each product, being valid during the time that they remain accessible on the website.

For the ease of customers from countries outside the euro zone, an information system has been established that allows prices to be displayed in different currencies, but when making the purchase, and until further order, payment, for tax reasons, will be made in euros. Both Paypal and Stripe, our collection systems, will make the currency exchange if necessary.

The form of payment of the good will be through debit card or Paypal 

Applicable taxes are understood to be included in the price of the product.

Shipping costs may be charged separately. A minimum order is established by country so that these are free. Shipping costs by country are also specified in the FAQ section of the website.

In general, BIGSTAMPING will send by email confirmation of receipt of payment via email. In said email, the invoice corresponding to the order will also be attached.

09 – Warranty

The guarantee of the products supplied by BigStamping is limited to the use by the users. In case of not achieving the expected results with your purchase, the production team will require images of the seal and the results in order to assess any incident.

10 – Obligations of the user

Any commercial use of products with a registered trademark is expressly prohibited, unless expressly authorized by BIGSTAMPING or the owner of the trademark registration.

The user undertakes to pay the price of the product and to use it in accordance with the law and these general conditions.

11 – BIGSTAMPING obligations

BIGSTAMPING undertakes to make available to the user the necessary information regarding the product and, once the purchase has been made, to send a verification via email that shows receipt of the order placed and confirmation of payment.

BIGSTAMPING is committed to offering inks and supplies for its products for a minimum of 5 years.

Likewise, BIGSTAMPING will prepare an invoice that will be provided to the consumer together with their order.

12 – Withdrawal and returns

As they are products made to measure and with personalized customer designs, these lack the 14-day money-back guarantee established by law. You can only withdraw from the order if no work has been undertaken, for which you must contact the production team by writing to info@bigstamping.com indicating your name, order number and reason for withdrawal.

In case of return due to product problems, the customer must follow the following steps:

1- Write an email, with a maximum of 15 days from receipt of the order, to info@bigstamping.com explaining the problem with the product.

2- Once we process your incident, we will ask you to send us the product to the address that we will provide you in order to check and review it. The shipping cost is borne by the customer.

3- If the product is not in correct condition, we will proceed to refund your money or change it to another product depending on the type of return.

13 – Responsibilities

The user will be absolutely responsible for the use he makes of the purchased product, and exonerates BIGSTAMPING from the responsibility derived from any damage that could be caused by any incorrect use of that product. Specifically, you will be responsible for:

  • All those acts that contravene the provisions of these general conditions, the law, morality, generally accepted customs and public order.
  • Any act carried out differently from what is stated in the indications or instructions regarding the operation and use of the product.
  • The certainty, accuracy, validity and timeliness of the data with which you fill in each of the forms that BIGSTAMPING requires on the website.
  • The direct or indirect damages and losses that have been caused by any third party if the user lost, revealed, neglected or, in any way, let a third party know for attributable reasons his personal data necessary for contracting the product.

14 – Faculty of refusal of the request

BIGSTAMPING reserves the right to exclude or not allow the acquisition of the product when it considers that current regulations, general conditions, morality, generally accepted customs, public order are infringed, when a third party is harmed, or when for reasons derived from the image and reputation of the BIGSTAMPING website does not deem it appropriate. In this case, if the payment had been made, it will be refunded.

15 – Information and modification

BIGSTAMPING guarantees that it has exposed these general conditions to the generality of possible interested parties, on a date before they could contract the products, thus complying with the prior information period. The user may consult these General Conditions at any time through our website.

The temporary validity of this condition coincides with the time of its exposure until the moment in which the terms and conditions stipulated herein are unilaterally modified in whole or in part, the user being obliged to consult our General Contract Conditions each time they access our Online store.

If any clause is declared void, it will be deemed not to have been made without affecting the rest of the conditions.

16 – Assignment and subrogation

BIGSTAMPING may hire service providers and collaborate or assign formalized contracts to third parties to carry out the supply of all or part of the products to which it undertakes by virtue of the different operations that are formalized.

17 – Extinction and resolution

This contract will terminate when both parties comply with the obligations to which they undertake in the same, when it is terminated by one of them if any of the causes provided for the resolution occurs, or if the counterparty seriously fails to comply with any of the obligations established in the contract.

18 – Notifications

Notifications must be sent by any reliable means to the following address: BIGSTAMPING in Polígono Industrial Pagusa, C/ Labrador, 13 – 41007 Sevilla

19 – Applicable law, jurisdiction and validity

BIGSTAMPING informs you that this Legal Notice and the General Conditions of Contract are governed in each and every one of its extremes by Spanish legislation. This contract is established in Spanish.

When the consumer enjoys protection regulations, he may claim or sue from the jurisdiction of his home.

Both parties submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the competent Courts and Tribunals at the domicile of BIGSTAMPING, in Seville (SPAIN), in the following cases:

  • That the purchasing party is domiciled outside the European Union and in said country there is no bilateral or multilateral agreement with Spain that prevents the possibility of establishing the express submission of jurisdiction;
  • That it is a sale carried out by a company that acts within the framework of its business or professional activity.

20 – Contact us

If you have any questions about these conditions, or if you would like to make any suggestion or recommendation, please contact us at the following email address: info@bigstamping.co m.

21 – Online dispute resolution

In accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 524/2013 on online dispute resolution in consumer matters (ODR – Online Dispute Resolution), we inform you that as a consumer, you have at your disposal a procedure to resolve disputes arising from the online sale of goods and services in the EU.

You have at your disposal the ODR platform (online dispute resolution) of the EU:


You can consult more information in the following link:

http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/ES/TXT/PDF/ ?uri=CELEX:32013R0524


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